Career Services

SESO offers a full spectrum of career services including resume and application services, career assessment and planning, career development trainings, developing soft skills, networking events and improving employability skills.


Career services for students are aimed at helping them choose a major and career, prepare them for the interview and help them perfect their resume and cover letters.


Our career services include the followings:

  • Helping students and professionals prepare resume and application letter.
  • Helping students and professionals prepare for the interview by conducing mock interview.
  • Offering individual career advising to discuss career options, employment needs, interests, goals and others.
  • Offering virtual career advising sessions in Kabul and provinces.
  • Offering professional development boot camp.
  • Helping students and professionals identify internships and volunteer opportunities.
  • Helping students and professionals develop soft skills such as communication, team work, conflict resolution, professional etiquette, time management and leadership skills.